Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Programme is promoted by the Government of Malaysia to allow non-Malaysians who fulfil certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia for as long as possible on a multiple-entry social visit pass. The Social Visit Pass is initially for a period of ten (10) years, and is renewable. So far some 18,000 people have been approved and it is generating a lot of interest. The programme is primarily attracting people who wish to retire in Malaysia or spend extended periods here.

Successful applicants will receive a ten year visa which allows them multiple entry and exit from the country. However it should be noted that the visa is issued based on your passport validity. It is very important to check the expiry date of your visa when you receive it as it may well not agree with the passport validity. In most cases the visa will expire some time before the expiration of your passport. You are required to obtain a new passport and get the visa extended before the expiration date of the visa chopped in your previous passport. Failure to do this means you will have to pay a penalty as the immigration department will regard you as being in the country illegally.

The government has advised that this visa does not lead to Permanent Residency. Obtaining PR in Malaysia is a difficult and lengthy process.


MM2H AGENT – Friendstar (MM2H) Travel Services Sdn Bhd

Our business partner FRIENDSTAR (MM2H) TRAVEL SERVICES SDN BHD is an approved MM2H agent. Applicant do not have to personally come to Malaysia to make the application for MM2H. But instead, our partner can help you prepare the application, submit it on your behalf and track progress. This includes handling any question raised by the government. Once it is approved, you will received a letter of conditional approval. This sets out any remaining conditional to be fulfilled. They also help you comply with these and then drive you out to the immigration offices to have the visa stamped in your passport. We will also help with any other questions or problems you may have.

People interested in applying for the MM2H programme have the option of applying directly or through an agent. Doing it yourself is usually a lot more time consuming and requires you making your own transportation arrangements. You also have to place a small cash security bond. Using an agent has the advantage that most of them are familiar with the detailed terms and conditions, can provide you with transportation to complete all the formalities and they will act as your sponsor so there is no need for the security bond. 

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