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Coffee Town was established in Malaysia on 2008, with original, healthy white coffee in mind. We pride ourselves in making high quality coffee, from using only the highest quality coffee beans, to using top-notch skimmed milk powder. Our coffee does not contain creamer, anti-caking agents, artificial emulsifiers and other chemicals, combined with our secret coffee formula, plus our new and improved packaging design makes our product the epitome of perfection.
Coffee Town continues the traditions of white coffee, while simultaneously seeking innovative and creative ways to deliver customers the pure, original white coffee experience.
Coffee Town upholds the pure passion of making the greatest white coffee, while wishing customers are able to bring back sweet memories of their past with every sip of our authentic white coffee, as every cup of white coffee represents a heart warming story to be told. The warm, mellow smell of white coffee will help your mind find inner peace in this busy, fast-paced rhythm of life.
Coffee Town is Malaysia’s only store that specializes in selling coffee products, and has been the local’s favourite coffee since inception. Our brand is also enjoyed overseas, receiving praises from countries such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, The Middle East and many more, and is a must-go to place for coffee-loving tourists visiting Malaysia. Today, our high-quality white coffee has been shipped to China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. 
Coffee is the most essential drink for Malaysians to start their day. Our famous white coffee originated in Ipoh, Perak. Coffee Town’s white coffee uses a unique blend of premium quality Liberica, Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, in addition to using high-quality skimmed milk powder, and our unique technique of using low heat to roast our coffee beans, produces a white coffee that emits a fragrance no other coffee can match. Our technique retains the coffee’s original flavors, while removing the unbearable acidic taste caused by roasting coffee beans at high temperatures, producing a low caffeine, low energy, and low fat white coffee that not only matches the needs of our modern society that stresses on the importance of healthy eating habits, but at the same time lets coffee lovers fully enjoy the creamy and moist taste of our coffee. Strong by not overbearing, it does not hurt the stomach, calms the nerves, tastes genuine, and leaves a rich aroma in your mouth, leaving customers wanting for more, its the healthy, natural white coffee everyone can enjoy.
  • Upholds the original, traditional taste of white coffee
  • Contains low amounts of sugar, low calories, zero saturated fat and cholesterol, does not overheat the body, and does not cause gastrointestinal problems
  • Maintains the natural flavour and rich aroma of traditional coffee without the bitter tastes, by roasting the coffee beans under low temperatures without adding caramel
  • Low caffeine, does not cause insomnia
  • Pure and mild to the body, perfect for health-conscious individuals, while allowing customers to enjoy their coffee at ease



<Coffee Town’s Coffees>

  • White Coffee (白咖啡)
  • Sugar Free White Coffee (无糖白咖啡)
  • Tiramisu (提拉米素)
  • Cappuccino (卡布奇诺)
  • Tongkat Ali White Coffee (东革阿里白咖啡)
  • Coconut White Coffee (椰子白咖啡)
  • Hazelnut White Coffee (榛子仁白咖啡)
  • Durian White Coffee (榴连白咖啡) – Highly recommended flavor!


<Coffee Town’s Teh Tarik>

  • Teh Tarik (印度拉茶)
  • Sugar Free Teh Tarik (无糖印度拉茶)


<Coffee Town’s Tea>

  • Lemon Tea (柠檬茶)
  • Rose Tea (玫瑰花茶)

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